Smudging your mirror dirty

It must remind you the day he waltzed into your lives. He entered without knocking or asking if it was all right to stay the night.

At first you must have been delighted to welcome the newcomer and thought he came with good intent and prepared. But too soon you realized that you were hosting the devil.

Your little world of two was shaken forever and you learnt to take care of yourself and another so to ensure your safety. And it is only reasonable that from then onwards, you wanted to know for sure what the next moment brings before it arrives and so be prepared.

I don’t blame you. I probably would have responded the same way; wanting to find a secure way of existence that protects all who you love, making lists, building walls, figuring out others’ thoughts before they were even conceived.

Though job!

Fear like thorns wear your skin off. You must also be very tired of making sure everything is in order, nobody gets upset or nobody gets hurt.

I am sorry for smudging your mirror dirty. It is probably my job.

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