Spiritual Enrichment Coaching

Rev Kudlik now offers individual and group coaching sessions that focus on spiritual enrichment using Unity ideas, various creative, therapeutic, meditative and contemplative techniques.

Spiritual Enrichment Coaching focuses on mental, emotional and spiritual health. This type of coaching belongs to the field of pastoral care and pastoral coaching.

As a result of the Spiritual Enrichment Coaching, the clients often find:

  • a sense of confidence and  greater peace within themselves
  • stability and a sense of security that is not ‘provided’ by the world or the ego-self
  • a connection with the Divine Source Within that acts as a guiding and support system
  • a sense of happiness and contentment regardless of outer circumstances

Rev Kudlik offers Spiritual Enrichment Coaching Sessions that can support you with:

  • Finding and getting in touch with your inner guidance system
  • Recognizing your inner voices and creating loving inner communication
  • Building a Loving Relationship with yourself and the Divine Presence
  • Creating more Loving Relationships by recognising the Divine Presence within and in everyone else
  • Finding a meditative practice that best suits your personality and purpose
  • Learning  to ‘release’ what does not work and ’embrace’ yourself as you are
  • Learning spiritually infused self-awareness techniques such as ‘compassionate insight’
  • Creating spiritually infused visual affirmations
  • Creating a Gratitude-Journaling Practice
  • and more

Rev Kudlik has acted as a coach for over 20 years, having gained her Life Coaching Certificate and an Educational Coaching (Coaching for children) Certificate in 2002-2003 through Newcastle College, UK. In  2011, in Hungarian, she gained a Life Coaching Certificate through Lemma Coaching Kft. She has also gained a Spiritual Art Coaching Certificate through the Coaching Academy, USA, in 2019.

Rev Kudlik is a Licensed Pastor with UNITY WORLDWIDE MINISTRIES, and the lead-pastor at UNITY EUROPE. Unity Worldwide Ministries is a non-denominational spiritual organization that is recognized globally. It has no religious affiliations. Please look around on our website (ANI-HU) for further details on Unity Worldwide Ministries and Unity Europe, above.

Rev Kudlik uses therapeutic art tools and meditative-contemplative tools in her coaching sessions.

Rev Kudlik offers individual and small-group Spiritual Enrichment Coaching Sessions.



Would you like to be able to support your child to find confidence and peace within themselves?

We teach our children to be fighters in an endlessly competitive world. Instead, however, we could support them to learn to connect with a great power within themselves. There is nothing to fight but concur. In order to have a contented,  happy, successful and peaceful in life, we need to know ourselves as part of a greater unity that I call the Divine Presence. Children must know that they are never alone, that they are supported and encouraged from within. They do not need to rely on the ever changing world for support and encouragement. When children know that there is something greater than their physical and emotional being, they become confident and successful on their own terms. Parents can support that.

Rev Kudlik has been an educator for over 30 years. She offers parenting sessions for one or two couples at a time. Parenting sessions are beneficial to parents who wish to bring the ‘God-element’ into their relationships with their children (present or future). Taking part in Spiritual Enrichment in Parenting Coaching Sessions will help parents create a stronger bond with their children (present or future) and be able to support them to become their ‘best selves’.



Rev Kudlik offers coaching sessions for couples who wish to enhance their relationship with practical spiritual ideas and practices. Often, by brining the Divine Presence into the marriage, the relationship is being transformed. 

Sessions are offered in English and in Hungarian. 


All sessions are free of change, however, we would like to encourage you to leave a LOVE DONATION (suggested amount is 35.00 EUR or more per session if you can afford it). UNITY EUROPE is a registered NGO /not for profit/ organization. We use all funds towards maintenance and our services.

Individual Session: 60 min
(suggested minimum number of sessions: 5)

Group sessions (min 2 – max 4 people): 90 min
(suggested minimum number of sessions: 5)

Parenting/Couple Sessions for one couple: 60 min
Parenting sessions for two couples: 90 min

For Groups sessions please contact Rev Kudlik

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For individual Spiritual Enrichment Coaching please book using the Calendry system below