I have observed it in myself and in others too that what we tried to hide the most about ourselves is where we are wounded. Except that we cannot heal until we  ‘expose this wound to the Light’ . It means that we acknowledge the wound by becoming aware of the way we protect this wounded part of us. As we are unique individuals we adopt protective behaviours that suit our personality the best. We need to discover these as well as the underlying pains, shame, anxiety, anger, helplessness or else. As we do that, we become receptive to the Divine Light and Love that heals all wounds. It simply happens by our self-acceptance and bracing ourselves just as we are. 

The Latest News

So, I have recently become a licensed Minister with Unity, a spiritual organisation offering practical, uplifting resources to people of all faith so they can apply positive spiritual principle to their lives. 🙂 

With that, I am finally starting the project that I envisaged in 2004 when I was setting up Essence Seminars in Hungary. 20 years has passed since then. I hope that I have matured a great deal 🙂 during this time. It has become clear to me what kind of ‘alternative education’ I wish to provide youngsters and their families.

Unity Europe will combine personal growth ideas with spiritual ideas! We will offer different courses and workshops, book-clubs, a creative-lab, parenting classes, and more in our ONLINE SPIRITUAL CENTRE.

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