Healing with Metaphysics

Anything can be interpreted metaphysically, and by doing so, we can become aware of what stands between us and God or the Divine Presence. Every time we release or heal a blockage we become freer, happier, and lighter.

When our life is ‘challenging’ or we are facing problems, we can sit in the silence and look at what’s happening. Then, we can start ‘interpreting’ the information in terms of messages or learnings. The Spirit of God constantly communicates with us through different means such as life events.

We are always asked not to place any ’emotions’ or ‘attitude’ on the event, instead, look at it as ‘message’. When we react, we do not see clearly. 

Now we see things imperfectly, like puzzling reflections in a mirror, but then we will see everything with perfect clarity. All that I know now is partial and incomplete, but then I will know everything completely, just as God now knows me completely. 1 Corinthian 13:12 NLT

It is important to understand that we are not to manipulate or ‘get rid of’ the experience by gaining clarity of the messages. The message is there for us to learn, grow and move into greater freedom in ourselves and a deeper connection with the Divine Presence. 

When we use metaphysical interpretation for any life events, we can get in touch with the key to moving though it and releasing it. Then we will surely find ourselves at a better place in our life.

Let me give you an example. I have a client who is often constipated. He has an obsession with regular bowel movement and often has trouble with his digestive system, stool and bowels to the point that he distorts facts and requests to have an enema to relieve his self-imposed constipation.

Louis L Hay suggests to ask oneself the question “What is it that I cannot digest?’ when it comes to digestive issues.  In my observation, food and the digestive system are also related to nurturing or the lack of. Bowel movement and shifting stool is about releasing unwanted and poisonous elements from our system. Having issues in that area may suggest difficulty in letting go of fossilized, unsupportive thinking patters and belief system. Additionally, requesting that someone else ‘fixes’ the problem suggests an inability or unwillingness to deal with issues at hand.

Constant problems in this area suggests to me that the problem started in childhood around nurturing which was not healed so it became somewhat ‘indigestible’ and became and acute problem. I often find that people with digestive and weight issues have a problem with self-nurturing through eating healthier and taking  care of their bodies in a loving manner. 

Acute digestive system related issues also suggest difficulty in letting go and releasing a particular past events. When that occurs, we drag the past into the present and we ‘react’ from the pain and fear of the past to an event in the present. 


If it was me, I would start both an inner and outer healing process through meditation, prayer and developing new and healthier habits. I would have a conversation with a therapist, a coach, or a pastor so to gain deeper understanding of what I am dealing with from the past. Then, I would use my prayer time to consciously, forgive and let go of thoughts, beliefs, and emotions associated with that past event or series of events. I would find meditations that help me move through a forgiveness process that is often the key to issues around lack of nurturing. At the end of each meditation and prayer session, I would give it all up and release it all into God or the Divine Presence, asking for support with my process and being lifted higher into greater health and freedom.

At the same time, I would look into – with the support of a coach, therapist or pastor – developing loving ways to nurture myself both inside and out. 


This morning I was thinking about confidence. We regard confidence as one of the most desired personality trait but we fail to notice how confidence was built in the first place.  Does your sense of confidence come from a place of ‘fear’ and self-defence? Or does it come from a place of ‘knowing who you are’ and connectedness of Spirit?

Listen to my thoughts here and let me know what you think.

thoughts on confidence

Sacred Ground

I love churches. They say that all of them was built on holy ground. There must be something about that because every time I am in a church, temple, synagogue, or any other building filled with Spirit, I feel touched and in a way blessed.
I do not believe that churches of any kind are ‘homes’ where God resides. The only temple where the Divine resides in the physical is ‘physical bodies’ of different living beings. The Spirit of God dwells in us all whether we are aware of it or not.
Nevertheless, spiritual centres regardless of the way they are called give us a place where we can turn within, meditate and turn our attention back to God.

Ali in Battle

Learn from Ali how to fight
without your ego participating.

God’s Lion did nothing
that didn’t originate
from his deep center.

Once in battle he got the best of a certain knight
and quickly drew his sword. The man,
helpless on the ground, spat
in Ali’s face. Ali dropped his sword,
relaxed, and helped the man to his feet.

“Why have you spared me?
How has lightning contracted back
into its cloud? Speak, my prince,
so that my soul can begin to stir
in me like an embryo.”

Ali was quiet and then finally answered,
“I am God’s Lion, not the lion of passion.
The sun is my lord. I have no longing
except for the One

When a wind of personal reaction comes,
I do not go along with it.

There are many winds full of anger,
and lust and greed. They move the rubbish
around, but the solid mountain of our true nature
stays where it’s always been.

There’s nothing now
except the divine qualities.
Come through the opening into me.

Your impudence was better than any reverence,
because in this moment I am you and you are me.

I give you this opened heart as God gives gifts:
the poison of your spit has become
the honey of friendship.”

Source: coleman-barks-the-essential-rumi