The great spider

My room mates and immediate neighbours are little eight-legged creatures.

Old traditions say that having spiders around the house brings luck to the household. I must be the luckiest person in the world living with at least 20 of them. Interestingly most ancient traditions value spiders as healers and prosperity enhancers. I can’t imagine what could be so lucky about having strange looking creatures running around the house, especially hanging suspiciously above you – nevertheless I appreciate the fact that they moved in first and leave them alone.

Did you know that they are often called many names referring to their wandering nature, like wanderer, roamer, bird of passage, spider or rover?


Spider webs like small cradles hang above me reminding me of carefree times of wonder and ease. Long, long ago before I met fear and insecurity as my new companions, I lived in a dense web of love and care, in the embrace of the great spider.

Since that loss I have never recovered. I am still bending over the window seal searching the night skies, waiting for my web to descend and take me home.