The greatest ‘let go’

When you let go of who you are, you become who you might be. Rumi

I have been contemplating on this a lot: What is the greatest ‘let go”? What is the hardest to release for us all? 

I came to the conclusion that it is our own self-image. We, all, are convinced that we are who we think we are. It is a mistake.

We build our image as a result of our upbringing, we build it in defence of what we perceived as threat. Our image is like a mask that covers up our true identity. 

So, why is it so hard to let it go? It is because we are afraid that if we release the mask, we become vulnerable. Plus, most of us believe that the mask is our true self.

How to do it then? The only way to give up the mask is to receive something in return, something greater than what the mask could provide. The mask provides false security. 

So what provides real security?

Nothing does.


When we move into the silence and start aligning ourselves with the Divine Presence, we start releasing all that that stands between our individual Spark and God. The Mask is one of these hindrances. Like peeling an onion we release aspects of ourselves that do not serve us any more. In return we become aware of who we truly are in our Essence. And with that, we start feeling safe in ourselves and in the Arms of the Divine.

Everything I have written above comes from personal experience. I had to deal with a great amount of insecurity as a child. As a result, I created a mask, an alter-ego, who was always strong and capable, whom I could always rely on, who will keep me safe in a violent and cruel world, a fighter.

But the worrier does not give up its dominion very easily. It took me a considerable amount of time to release this false image and allow myself to live who I truly am: a goof-ball. 🙂