The land of the F – from Freedom to Fear (personal observation)

15 years ago America was the land of the Free. I came here to see how it is done: a mixture of self-confidence and the attitude of ’I can make it happen’. And it was true especially for big city people. What I used to hear was ’I am gonna be a millionaire one day’. What you mostly here now is ’I hope I will get a job tomorrow’. A world of difference.
What most amazes me is that though there hasn’t been state funded health care system ever here majority of people did not seem to feel insecure or throw off balance by general issues of life. As opposed to that, now everywhere I go I hear concern – in different ways but fear is tangible now.

Because of the constant wars and disagreements (and the results of all that) Europeans seem to be used to constant tension and insecurity – to different degrees obviously, but seemingly uninfluenced by constant change in ’climate’.
Americans, up until 2001 lived in some kind of oblivion to the tensions and challenges of the rest of the world. They must have heard of what was going on in other parts of the world but most of the Americans was not even aware of where those places were on the map. Probaly they are aware of it now.

And we all are.  And it is time , we get aware, we change, we move, we find new ways and seek new patterns of thinking and behaving. It is time for us all, no matter where we choose to live.

After all we could be grateful since all that is happening is nothing else but growing support in searching for the Light and moving out of the darkness of the ’down and out’.