The little girl in a big shoe

She is funny. She needs to do something she has no idea how to do, and so she remembers how the adults would do it and imitates them. But the shoe is still too big for her.

It is truly very funny. She is just so out of place and her behaviour is so unnatural. It makes the whole picture grotesque and slightly weird as she is stumbling clumsily in those big things.

She is nevertheless sweet in each and every moment of it.

As I am looking at her, she reminds me of a little girl of about 3 or 4 pretending to be mummy talking to an older sibling. Her little skirt is twisted around her waist as she puts her hands on her hips just like her mum would do. She wants to make sure she will have the same effect mummy does when she is serious about her business.

Her small feet flip and flop around the place as she makes sure all is done, sorted, arranged as requested and planned.

She is a good girl so she’s promised to be.

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