The Maze

It is like a maze without and exit, for most of us, anyway.
We are going around, lost
within its patterns, on the tiny paths.
It keeps us amazed and hopeful at every turn,
that there might be an exit after this very last round,
But there is never one.

Luckily, we are unaware of its crafty nature
Every round seems different a bit
because of the way the sun hits the hedges
because of the smell of a different season
because of our numbness and forgetfulness.

Still, the self-made structure of the maze
stays the same around us.
It is a glorious trap for some,
for others it is a miserable one.
It makes no difference, though.

At the end of the day, it is just a simple trap,
wrapped around your primal fears that you try and run away from
and your greatest desires that you endlessly chase.
As we are trotting around
in our personalized maze, forever.

Until, the day,
when you get the key to a well-hidden door,
just like in a Secret Garden,
leading to the heart of the maze.

This glorious sanctuary of the silent monks
eventually shows its wonders to the seeker,
and then you are finally released
back Home.