The quest to return

It is so easy to get lost in the daily tasks of what we call reality. It all becomes a blur of todo’s and not-todo’s, millions of thoughts, information, concrete, soil, water and air. We become forgetful about the breath that connects us to this place, without which one of us would be here. Life turns out to be – for most of us anyway – a quick run from birth to death.

For years I observed my family and myself, of course, how we spend our time, how mindful actually we are of the very limited amount of breath we are given. Honestly, we live life as the next day was granted unquestionably, as if we had a contract for unlimited mileage.

We fall into a routine without noticing it. And this routine takes our quality of life away in bits. Humans are made for routine, just like apes and some other lower scale species. Animals would not survive without building and living in routines. As ‘babies’ they learn the tricks they use for the rest of their lives. If they are lucky these tricks work for them just like for the previous millions of generations because not much changed about them through times (probably some adjustments, but the basics would stay the same). Just like us, clever ones. We feed our bodies, sometimes exercise them, make it rest for hours, feed our mind with endless and useless information and when it gets tired we glue it to the big screen. I wonder what is the point of it, at all.

When we have done this throughout many lifetimes and in many galaxies we start contemplating that there may just be something more to existence then our body functions. And that is when the quest for return starts.

From this point on we start becoming individuals treading on a different path from the rest of humanity, often looking ridiculous or neurotic. It is not as if these hu-men were any different in their appearance or upbringing from their mates, they have just evolved so much through time and space (literally) that became tired of dealing with their body fluids and manic brain functions and sought for something beyond these basics.

And the quest goes on finding the platforms and mates of support on the bumpy road. Then there is the daily practice and genuine effort in relinquishing the tendency for any other routines and distractions but a habit of creating a one-pointed focus into the higher planes. And so the quest goes on, because this is only the beginning. Then strange events and ‘thoughts’ start to occur that usually make no sense whatsoever at the time and one on this quest must remember being on a quest all the time and not being surprise at such matters.

Finally there is faith&doubt as constant companions on the road of a quest. One day or shall I say one moment is full of hope, wonders and faith in the meaning of the quest and the trust that this whole mess actually leads us home and in the other moment it is just a hopeless mess.

And so the quest goes on… until one returns and reaches its original home never looking back to this damn place and only taking some faint but nice memories with oneself.

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