Miss sassy

As I was dusting off those long forgotten parts of me, I discovered my little hidden treasures. I realized that it is not only that I am passionate about drawing and cartoons but I am one of them! I am actually full of cartoon figures!

As I was recalling that sweet, cheeky blond girl of about 3 who drew noses and lips to each armchairs in the house because they looked like unfinished faces to her, I realized that I am that sassy and creative fairy called Tinker Bell. This bold, lively and full of spirit girl is still very much alive in me, except, she is not allowed to play any more.

She was told off and shamed so many times for her silly ideas over the years that one day she decided to move to another place – Neverland, maybe? – and not to be seen any more. Soon, she got forgotten, the creativity dried up, the cheeky new ideas turned into harsh criticism. This sweet, sassy, blond child became an angry and unleashed teenager then a bitter adult.

Her curious energy became a source of destruction and her boldness turned into some scary and vindictive bulldozer.

How could I forget about her?

I am reclaiming her now by asking her forgiveness. I also release all those from my anger spell who a long time ago taught me that acting harum-scarum, giddy, quirky, impulsive, capricious, or bemused was shameful. I forgive myself for having judged and hurt myself for decades because of my ignorance and immaturity. I forgive myself for having believed that who I was/I am is in any way not of God and so imperfect.

I restore Tinker Bell as part of my beautiful Self.

Welcome Home, babe!


tinker-bellPicture source – Disney 


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