The shadow side

“…Working on the shadow side takes such commitment and time. Often there seems to be so little change, just the uncovering of even deeper problems, deeper pain, more intense feelings of isolation, rejection, abandonment – whatever are the feelings hidden behind the doors of our unconscious. A friend said that she had heard that their would be struggles on the path, but had never expected them to be so intense, cruelty, jealousy, resentment, bitterness and other shadow qualities that surface often without warning. Seeking greater wholeness we are confronted with the exact opposites of what we think we are. And what we then discover we are. Trying to reconcile these opposites within us we find ourselves caught in conflicts of pain and bitterness. These inner struggles that can be violent and tormenting need to be worked through, and the greater our aspirations and devotion, the quicker the darkness comes up to the surface…”

source – unknown – a friend sent it to me like this.


Fork | Tobias Müller:

Photo Tobias Müller – source