What it is about

I am an ordained minister with the Brigade of Light Church in Fort Wayne, Indiana, USA. I am in the process of gaining my Masters in Theology degree at HOLOS University. This digital journal has been so far my diary of my journey becoming and blossoming into a full-fetched minister.The writings are the testaments of my own personal  journey of shepherding my own soul and that of those who come to me.

God Bless our journey Home, to His Loving Embrace.

Rev. Ildiko Kudlik

On a personal note

When you read my writing you may see that I walk my journey with critical observation, examination and conscious reflection. I meditate and contemplate daily on my life. I support myself using different new-age tools in my search for God. Though God is always present and begs us to turn out attention to him we cannot hear Him because we are lost in the games of the world.

If we want to experience God’s Presence and Love in our lives, we must make conscious efforts in turning towards Him, leaving the world behind and keeping a single focus on Him.

My heroes in seeking the Divine are Kibran, Rumi, Shams Tabrizi, Jesus, Mohammed and more  who all talk  eloquently about their journey. I am no poet. I record my journey through the wilderness called Life with as much scrutiny as I can because I find that the Path is hidden from us Seekers behind bushy trees of misconceptions.

Here you can find some of my favorite quotes and their translations.


Since then – below – many years have passed and I am still on the ‘road’, still writing about my experiences through the wilderness of my journey… Stay tuned.

So, I am not quite sure just yet, what this blog is going to be about. I intend it to be a diary for my journey on the Path. Recently I left the world and life I lived for the past 7 years heading… I don’t know where just yet. It often feels scary and also very exciting to be on this journey I embarked on on the 18th May 2011.

I started my journey in Fort Wayne, Indiana visiting beautiful people with whom we walk the same Path but having different experiences as we are going along.

Before arriving I spent a few days just outside of London enjoying the kind hospitality of a beloved friend and her 3 naughty cats. I am deeply grateful for her kindness for taking me in and supporting me on many different levels as I was embarking on this journey.

What the journey is about? In some ways I am just taking some time off to reconsider which way I wish my life going from now on. On another level I hope to deepen my faith and commitment to the Path I have been trotting both on and off. I wish to build my life along this Path after years of trying to build a life parallel to it.

There is not another way but the High-way! 🙂

So, as I am going along, I will make some notes where I am at with it all.

This is what this blog is about.