Who do you want to become?

Rev McAfee says : Being who you want to be, feeling the resultant sense of peace and freedom within yourself, being the kind of person others want to be with, being a loyal and true friend, being grateful to be alive and happy to have a life at all – none of these depend upon the temporary physical conditions of your life.  You are free to be all of that now. Wherever you are.  Rich or poor, young or old, success or failure, whatever the limitations in which you find yourself.  You are free to be that “you” right now. 


What you value, what you stand for, who you stand with, what you love and treasure, what principles you build your life around – those are up to you.  You may or may not be able to change your physical life.  You may or may not ever have your ideal life.  But you can be the “you” that you envision. IF that is what you really want, IF that is who your heart is calling you to be.  And chances are, someone besides you is hoping you will do that, too.  I know I do.”

This writing made me think. Who do I want to be come? Not only in my mind but in my actions, too. It is easy to think of myself as someone kind but when someone cuts me off in a traffic jam, I curse him in anger. 

Who do I envision myself to become?

As I walk this path on enfoldment, it is less and less of a wish and more and more of a discovery. Earlier, I wanted to be someone like a sage, an all knowing guru who saves humanity from doom. Now, I just laugh at this notion. As I am discovering myself in Spirit, I am realising certain aspects of the Divine instilled in me that I would have never thought of! I am goofy, a bit of a jester! I am genuinely caring but not always kind. I am enthusiastic but not ambitious. I am creative, a good problem-solver but I do not stick around. After the job is done, I move on because I love new challenges.

Who do you envision yourself to become in the Divine?