Why don’t you lift me out?

So, it is all my fault.
Somewhere along the way I lost track of the Path
I left your Garden
Now I wonder aimlessly in the wilderness.

You seem to have lost track of me, too!
Have you not noticed?
You say, no sheep of yours is lost
But I am not sure that it is the case.

Maybe, some of us wondered off
Too further away
And you cannot see us
Hidden behind some burning bushes.

I am here, invisibly screaming and weeping
As I trod along this dusty road
Not knowing where I am heading
Or what demons I must conquer along the way

Can you see me now?
Can you hear me now?
It is so thick and dark down here
And you are nowhere to be found

I am angry day after day
Because the next day brings no more light
But even thicker layers of mud
I can hardly recognize myself any more

Covered in mud I yell into the wilderness
My pains and sorrows, in vain
I am distanced and lonely
Stuck in heavy wet soil

Your Guide smiles at me encouragingly
But He is so far away, I can hardly make Him out
He indicates the way forward
And I don’t understand, why you don’t simply lift me out

Why let me sink deeper and deeper into
The damp earth, I have gathered over ions of time
If you see me now
Why don’t you send for me the Chariot with the Unicorn?

Why the struggle?
Why do you smile when I sweat?
Why the Hope in Your Eyes?
When mine are burning with tears?

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