Your DIVINE WORD for the YEAR 2018

Focus creates experiences.

Have you ever noticed that when focusing on a type of car, they start appearing everywhere? Or when you focus on a certain colour it seems to be all around you?

No surprise! These experiences are due to your focus on a particular matter or idea. Moreover, all of your experiences are consequences of the focus of you attention. You may not be aware but if you observe your experiences they tell you where your focus is laid.
Luckily, you can consciously direct it in a way that your focal point creates miraculously divine experiences for you.

When you pray to God to deliver you a certain experience you actually sharpen your focus on the very thing you wish for. Why don’t you support God’s effort by straightening your own intentions? To maximize success you can chose a focus for a whole year. In God’s Grace, your divine intention will be delivered to you via miraculous serendipity.

Last year, my Divine Word was FAITH. My Faith in God and my Life led me to magical places and created colourful experiences in my life this year. It also helped me move through some tough times. When troubled, I remind myself that I have Faith in the making of my life. When happy, I express my gratitude to God for supporting me in keeping the Faith in His Divine Love for me.

This exercise below can help you sharpen your saw and come up with a divinely focused word that will keep your eye on God’s Rewards all around the year.

1. Write three words you are considering for your focus for the coming year. You can choose from the list provided below or you can come up with your own words. The words must be the noun form of a state of being. E.g.: wealthy (adjective – state of being) wealth – noun form

2. Why do you think this is a great word for you this year? (If you chose more than one, answer for each word.)

3. If you embodied this word (each word) daily, what would be different for you in an average day?

4. List 3 things you could create or attract this year if you lived this word (each word) daily …

5. Looking at your three words and what experiences they could bring to your life the year ahead. Close your eyes. Focus on your breathing for a few minutes. Allow your mind to come to rest. Which is the word out of the three that you feel that you can let go of right now? When you know the word, cross it over on your paper. Close your eyes again. Focus on your breathing for a few minutes. Allow your mind to come to rest. Which is the word out of the two that you feel that you can let go of right now knowing that the word that you are left with is the perfect word for you for the coming year. Open your eyes and cross over the word that you let go of.

6. WHAT IS YOUR DIVINE WORD? Write it down and continue answering the questions on the basis of your chosen word.

7. List three specific triggers that might make you “shrink” or to run in the opposite direction of your Divine Word.
Example: If you chose “Prosperity,” one of your triggers might be shame. You look at some of the financial mistakes you’ve made—and then you shame yourself. This keeps you stuck in one pattern over and over again. Awareness will help you recognize the trigger pattern before it can take hold.

8. What obstacles have kept you from living this Divine Word until now?

9. List five new habits or practices you might incorporate into your life to embody this Divine Word more fully.

10. List at least five goals—big or small—that you’d like to accomplish this year, based on the Divine Word you have chosen.

11. What would be a “home run” for you in the coming year? This can be a big dream, an amount of money, a way that you live each day. Write as detailed and imperfectly as you can!

Based on Word of the Year Discovery Tool 2017 by CHRISTINE KANE

(Tomorrow, I will share my answers and Divine Word for the Year 2018)

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